Facebook stories

Ex-Facebook VP: Social Media Destroying Society with 'Dopamine-driven Feedback Loops'
Facebook Opens AR Platform and “world Effects” to all Developers
Facebook Brings More AR Features to Messenger
Facebook Introduces New Augmented Reality Effects for Messenger
Facebook will no Longer Always Divert International Advertising Revenue to Ireland
Facebook Responds to Former VP Who Said Social Media is Destroying Society
Facebook Just Killed this Major Homepage Feature
Time’s up for the Ticker? Facebook Appears to Axe Feed for Tracking your Friends’ Activity
Former Facebook Exec Says Social Media is Ripping Apart Society
Former Facebook Exec: 'You Don't Realize it but You are Being Programed'
Britain to Set Minimum Content Standards for Children on Platforms Including Facebook and Twitter
Facebook has Some Intensely Thirsty Questions for You
Pinterest Integrates Deeper with Facebook with a New Bot and Messenger Extension
Facebook Messenger is Down Globally and Everyone is Freaking Out
Facebook Tests Pre-roll Video Ads on 'Watch' Platform
Facebook Tests Using Selfies as Login Verifications
Snapchat is Becoming the Anti-Facebook
Facebook is Using AI to Spot Users with Suicidal Thoughts and Send Them Help
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