New Online Game Gives Players a Chance to Be Filmmakers

Has it been your dream to make it in the movie industry? Well, recently has released a beta program in the guise of a social networking website, that players compete in for their shot at creating a $20,000 short film in Los Angeles. Think of it as the game version of something akin to America’s Got Talent.

The game, set in a back lot environment, has players walk from building to building armed with film making tools and resources.

The game side of the website offers a large amount of features and functions including: sound and music design, a screening room and critic’s corner, tutorials, script library and video interviews with real industry professionals. The social media side integrates many elements such as live online chats with established filmmakers, virtual chat rooms, status/profile updates, an interactive Rolodex, etc.

There are two facets to the game: Skill and Prestige; the higher the player raises his or her skill points in the 15 film making skill categories, the more they move up the ranks in the virtual industry to become ‘A-List’ commodities.

These A-listers will be given priority when agents, managers, executives and producers are on the lot. The players with the highest skill level in each category will win a spot in the making of a $20,000 short film in LA. Prestige points are the in-game currency, allowing player to buy equipment and effects for their films. These points can be earned by reviewing films in the critic’s corner or simply adding other players to their Rolodex. is free for players to network, watch and review movies, gain prestige and explore and demo most of the other features. To gain deeper access to the game there is a $5.95 monthly subscription fee. Players who don’t register are not included in the contest.

Source: SneakOnTheLot

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