Rick Astley? …He Was Some Kind of Singer?

You may remember Sarah Palin’s email was hacked back in 2008. If you weren’t aware, know, then, that Sarah Palin’s email was hacked back in 2008. The trial’s going on as we speak, and it’s nothing if not entertaining.

Specifically, I’m talking about one particular testimony, by none other than 4chan’s Christopher ‘moot’ Poole. For reasons unknown, both sides felt it necessary that moot enlighten them as to the meaning of certain 4chan terminology (not to mention regular internet terminology, as well). moot promptly got them up to speed. Check it after the jump.


It’s true. Some people are not aware of Mr. Astley. What kind of bizarre non-world is this. Anyway, if you’d like moot’s full testimony, feel free to click the tits off this link for some steamy PDF action.

By tydunitz

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